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Lash Lifts

Come to Kate Aglaia for Lash Lifts in Las Vegas

Go see Kate Algaia for lash lifts in Las Vegase. The lash lift process is safe and effective, with minimal discomfort when performed by an experienced lash artist. The results of lash lifting can last up to 8 weeks depending on the individual's lash growth cycle and at-home care. With regular touch ups every 6-8 weeks, clients can maintain their lash lift for as long as they'd like! 


The lash lifts offered by Kate Aglaia are done using top of the line products that have been carefully selected to ensure optimal results while also being gentle enough to not damage the natural lash hairs. Additionally, Kate takes extra precautions during the treatment to make sure that each client leaves feeling comfortable and confident in their new look. 


With lash lifts, clients can choose to either add definition and volume or opt for a more natural look. Whether you’re looking for a subtle lash lift or something more dramatic, Kate Aglaia’s studio is the perfect place to go in Las Vegas! Book an appointment today to get the lash lift of your dreams.

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